I can provide the following HR training packages and I’m always happy to design new workshops where requested.¬† All of my training is interactive and designed for participative learning, including comprehensive documents to take away to help reinforce the learning back in the workplace.

And I appreciate that you have a business to run, so if you and/or your management team can’t afford to take a whole day out to learn more about the following, I could tailor the training to your needs and conduct them in parts of either half day or even 2 hourly sessions:-

Recruitment and Selection
From designing the job description through to making the right selection decision, avoiding all the legal pitfalls.

Absence Management
How to practically manage persistent short and long term absence, reducing the risks of costly discrimination claims.

Performance Management
How to fully utilise your performance improvement and/or probationary policies and procedures, to either maximise your employees’ potential or legally manage those out of the business that cannot or do not wish to improve their performance.

A practical and very useful workshop for any type of investigation.  This is the key stage to any process, which if you get it right, can avoid wasted management time and tribunal costs.

Discipline & Grievance
With the rising employment law awareness and litigation in the UK, this workshop will teach you how to manage those complex D&G cases, ensuring that the decisions you make are fair and legally sound.

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